Welcome to the Chiropractic practice of Dr. Scott Selby


What others have to say about Dr. Selby

  • “The highest compliment I can give Dr. Scott Selby is that our players trust him as well as strongly believe
    in him. He listens exceedingly well, develops relationships and finds specific rehab plans for their injuries.
    He is competent, creative and knows when to be aggressive and when to hold back. He has an excellent
    understanding of the heart and passion of an athlete, which is so critical for a successful rehabilitation.”

  • “At the National University of Health Sciences (NUHS), Dr. Selby has the reputation of being an exceptional clinician. He has outstanding diagnostic and therapeutic skills and his Christianity shows through in his compassion, caring, and dedication to the patients who seek his care and the students under his mentorship. Dr. Selby is an extraordinary individual who has the highest recommendation I can possibly give.”